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The 'Treat Me' Pack


Give your lips and body the gift that keeps on giving. These luxurious, multi-purpose balms have become an essential in households Australia wide, and we have bundled them to save you dollars! Our balms are formulated with certified organic and sustainable ingredients, absolutely NOTHING nasty or artificial added, and are animal cruelty free, making them the ultimate guilt-free TREAT.

  This pack includes:
1x Soft Balm Balm Fresh 
1x Firm Balm Balm Fresh 
1x Emunio Chest and Body Rub
Free Express shipping in Australia

    Balm Balm Fresh is our 3 in 1 Lip Treatment which will heal, protect and hydrate your lips. Thanks to the power of our carefully selected essential oils and ingredients, this balm will work its magic to keep your lips luscious and protected from the elements all year round.

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    Emunio Chest and Body Rub is like no other rub you have ever used. From helping with cold and flu symptoms, relieving sore muscles & growing pains, and used to relax the mind and body for a restful night's sleep, this miracle balm does it all, all while nourishing your skin. Some of our customers love the smell of Emunio so much, they also use it as a perfume. Emunio comes in 3 different strengths, which are formulated for specific age groups, so we encourage you to find which strength is right for you.

    Which strength is right for me?

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