Our Story

Like so many parents before me, having my first child woke me up to all the chemicals I was using in my everyday life. I felt responsible for this little person and knew that all the choices I made now would have an impact on him later in life. This, in turn, made me also start to care about the products I was using on myself.

I started to look at the ingredients list BEFORE I bought any skincare, health and baby products, but I found it very difficult to decipher all the ingredients.   

I became very passionate about essential oils as a natural, toxic free alternative to so many of the products I was using. I discovered that not only do the oils work, THEY OFTEN WORK BETTER.

I did a great deal of research to ensure I would get the best results for every product I created. My friends and family started to ask me to make balms for them, and I ended up making balms for all sorts of ailments.

My best friend has always used medicated ointment for her dry lips, so I did some research and came up with a natural balm for her to try. Straight away she saw amazing results and loved its smell and texture. She felt others should be able to benefit too and suggested I make them to sell. And here I am, following my passion and getting to help people use natural products that achieve dream results.

Every product at Balm Balm Co. is made with love and care. We make EXACTLY what we make for ourselves, which is why every single ingredient in Balm Balm Fresh serves a purpose that enriches your lips. There’s no ‘extras’ or ‘fillers’, just a pure, wholesome product designed to give you the best pout you can have naturally.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Skincare